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Components Compatibility

Not sure which lever, post, or general components is the best match for your ride? Check out our Components Compatibility section for a helpful guide to your upgrade dreams!

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Order Management

Late night ordering have you with the wrong travel dropper? Did you change your mind on that Loam lever color? Check out our general return and exchange policy for the best way to swap that out for the correct components for you.

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Installation and Troubleshooting

Do you have an issue with the installation of your new PNW Components components? Is your lever or post not performing as well as it has in rides past? Check out our Installation and Troubleshooting section for answers to commonly asked questions!

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Product Information

Dying to know if we have a new product variation on the horizon? Check out our Product Information section to see if you've stumbled on the best new thing that we've never thought of!

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International Shipping

Do we ship internationally? Yes, we do! Check out our international shipping page here.

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