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I need to replace my air cartridge on my internally routed post. What do I do?Updated a year ago

We try to make this pretty straightforward. You’ll be following our service guide for disassembly, but with just a few simple extra steps: Follow this video for disassembly:

  • Let all air out of the post
  • Using a pair of needle nose pliers, unscrew the weird shaped nut that is threaded around the air valve at the top of the post
  • The cartridge will slide out. Simply put the new one in there, thread the nut back onto the air valve to keep it in place and follow the remaining steps in the video for reassembly.
  • Your new cartridge can be pumped up to 300 PSI if desired, but somewhere between 250-300 is best for optimal return speed.

Hit up our customer service team if you have any questions, or get stuck!

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