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Do you have an issue with the installation of your new PNW Components components? Is your lever or post not performing as well as it has in rides past? Check out our Installation and Troubleshooting section for answers to commonly asked questions!


My Puget 2x lever will not return/actuate properly.

Puget 2x lever not returning to its original position when released? Your silver/steel cable may need to be snugged up a bit. Please make sure that fin is in the correct/up position, prior to tightening the hex bolt. Also, make sure that the silver b

I have a creaky post.

It sounds like your saddle clamps/bolts may be loose. Can you please try applying a bit of grease to your rails and reinstalling your saddle nice and snug? Let us know, if that doesn't do it!

My post is sagging.

Post dropping a bit when you apply pressure, despite not activating the lever? The most common culprit is too much cable tension. If you tighten the barrel adjuster on the lever a bit too tight, it will cause the dropper to slowly actuate, which will

My seatpost is spinning.

Double-checked that you have the correct seatpost size for you frame, but it's still slipping a bit side to side, or up and down in your frame? We do see this from time to time depending on frame tolerances and seat clamp type. In almost all cases it

When should I service my PNW dropper post?

Curious what the service intervals are for your PNW dropper post? Is your post sticky, slowing down, or generally less peppy than it used to be? Then, it's likely time for a little TLC and to give it a service. Check out our manuals!  Each post link

I need to replace my air cartridge on my internally routed post. What do I do?

We try to make this pretty straightforward. You’ll be following our service guide for disassembly, but with just a few simple extra steps: Follow this video for disassembly: Let all air out of the post Using a pair of needle nose pliers, unscrew th

What's with this extra barrel nut in my sticker bag?

Sorry for any confusion, that's an extra barrel for an internally routed post!  You do not need to use that if you have an externally routed post. If you do have an internally routed post, like our Bachelor, Rainier IR, or Ridge, that is going to sli

The return rate is slow on my externally routed post.

There are a few things that could be slowing that externally routed post down. Be sure the seat post clamp is not too tight. Follow the guidelines on your seat post clamp, but usually about 4-5nm's will do the trick. Any more and it can compress your

There is a bit of play in my dropper.

A bit of play is totally normal, usually around 1-2 mm side to side. We engineer this in to ensure the post stays snag-free as grit and grime builds up over time. Posts with extremely tight tolerances for side play tend to be inherently higher mainte

How much PSI should I run in my Bachelor post?

The Bachelors run best between 280 and 300 PSI, with 300 being the max PSI. A standard high volume shock pump works best for tuning your Bachelor via the post air port, which can be found under the black grommet, under your saddle mounts.

How much PSI should I run in my Coast post?

The Coast PSI range should be somewhere between 250-300 PSI, but feel free to adjust that to your personal preference. While the aim of the Coast isn't to replace a rear shock, the goal is to soften the vibrations and suspend under large loads. A st

Which way is my steel cable supposed to run?

Great question! This one comes down to which post you have, and which lever you are pairing with that post. If you are running one of our internally routed posts you can run that cable either direction. If you are running the fixed end of the cable (

Slow Bachelor post?

Bachelor lost that pep in its step? Or you just installed it, and it's not topping out like you think it should? The majority of our Bachelors have an adjustable air cartridge underneath the saddle clamp (all, but the 34.9 version). There is a little

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