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My post is sagging.Updated a year ago

Post dropping a bit when you apply pressure, despite not activating the lever? The most common culprit is too much cable tension. If you tighten the barrel adjuster on the lever a bit too tight, it will cause the dropper to slowly actuate, which will result in sag as soon as weight is applied to the saddle/post.

Please try loosening that barrel adjuster at the lever, or releasing a bit of tension on that silver steel cable, if you do not have a barrel adjuster. 


Also, removing the cable completely and seeing if the post still sags (if adjusting that tension doesn't do it), can narrow down if it is a cable tension issue, or something else.

If neither one of those steps does it, please shoot our customer service team a message, and we're happy to help! Much like the resurgence of the late nineties fashion trend, sagging is not something we want to see. 

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