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My Rover Hip Pack keeps coming loose as I ride. How do I keep it tight and secure around my waist?Updated a year ago

Nobody likes a loose pack, so the Rover Hip Pack comes equipped with velcro wings at the end of the waist straps to help keep the pack secure. 

Step 1. Adjust the Rover’s waist straps to your desired length so the buckle sits in the middle of your body.

Step 2. Take the excess strap and roll it in loops that match the size of the sewn end of the strap until you reach the cinching buckle. 

Step 3. Tuck the roll behind the buckle, if possible, and connect the velcro wings behind the pack’s main strap to lock the roll in place. For extra security, give the main strap a slight tug so the roll is pulled towards the cinching buckle.

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