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What kind of warranty comes with my PNW Components purchase?

Have a problem? We've got your back! If anything goes wrong, we're here to do everything we can to ensure that you're taken care of. For a lifetime.  Here are the details... PNW Components® branded products covered by this warranty are warranted to t

Is the mount on the Range Stem removable?

Yes! We just have the one version of the Range stem (with mount), as it is easily removable. That way, you have options!

Do PNW Dropper Posts have infinite adjustment?

You bet! Our posts are cable actuated and you can stop the travel wherever you'd like within the amount of drop on your particular post. So, if you have a 150mm PNW dropper, you can stop the travel anywhere within that 150mm of travel, as opposed to

I changed my brakes. Do I have to order a whole new Loam Lever?

No! That'd be silly! We have those adapters separately here, as well: Not sure which adapter to get for your new set up? Check out our Loam page, with the

Can I clamp my PNW Components dropper post in a stand?

Best practices-wise, please make sure the post is fully released/at its highest position if you have to clamp it in a stand by the stanchion. If you have enough static post exposed to clamp, that is the preferred method. Just make sure the post is st

The Bachelor vs. the Rainier vs. the Ridge post

What's the difference between the three of our most popular internally routed MTB posts, you ask? It's a great question. They are all cable actuated, and both the Bachelor and Rainier come in multiple drops and diameters, but with the Bachelor you al

Will you make a 35mm clamp version of your famous Range MTB bar?

No, not at this time. Here's why- we've included some new handlebar geometry to reduce wrist fatigue and used a new (to us) 2014 alloy that offers a great ride feel. We chose to stick with the 31.8mm clamp diameter on this, as we found that it feels

My Rover Hip Pack keeps coming loose as I ride. How do I keep it tight and secure around my waist?

Nobody likes a loose pack, so the Rover Hip Pack comes equipped with velcro wings at the end of the waist straps to help keep the pack secure. Step 1. Adjust the Rover’s waist straps to your desired length so the buckle sits in the middle of your bod

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