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Slow Bachelor post?Updated a year ago

Bachelor lost that pep in its step? Or you just installed it, and it's not topping out like you think it should?

The majority of our Bachelors have an adjustable air cartridge underneath the saddle clamp (all, but the 34.9 version). There is a little black rubber cover over this that you can remove to expose the air port. The Bachelors work best between 280 and 300 PSI. They can lose a little air over time, which is what you may be experiencing.

Try airing it back up to 300 PSI (a standard high pressure shock pump works well for this).

If that doesn't do the trick, please also double-check the tension on your steel/silver shifter cable at the lever. It should be snug enough to actuate that post quickly, but not too tight to where it's activating the post without the lever depressed. 

A little stanchion oil or SRAM butter to that post stanchion after cleaning can also smooth the drop a bit. 

If that still doesn't do it, it may be time for a service or to reach out to our customer service team


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