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The return rate is slow on my externally routed post.Updated a year ago

There are a few things that could be slowing that externally routed post down.

Be sure the seat post clamp is not too tight. Follow the guidelines on your seat post clamp, but usually about 4-5nm's will do the trick. Any more and it can compress your cartridge which will definitely lead to a slow return rate.

Be sure your steel cable is fully snug so the post actuates fully. If you experience in play in your lever, this is an indicator your cable is not all the way tight. Use the barrel adjuster at the lever to remove slack from the cable, and this will help speed up the system.

There is another cable inside the post that connects the mid cap to the bottom actuator on the post. This can sometimes be loose too. Check out this video that will show how to tighten the nylon cable, if the above 2 steps don't help:  

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