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Which adapter do I need to order with my Loam lever?Updated a year ago

Have your eyes on a snazzy Loam Lever for your 1x set up? Excellent choice!

To attach our Loam lever, we have the 22.2/standard clamp to mount on your handlebars separately (allowing the most adjustability) and stealth adapter options that integrate into your current brake clamps.

The adapter you will need depends which brakes you are running:

  • Sram MatchMaker X is for Code/Guide brakes (note, this will not work for Guides without slotting in the clamp, such as the Guide T)
  • Shimano ISpec II is for XTR M9000, XT M8000, SLX M7000, DEORE M6000
  • Shimano EV is for XTR 9100
  • The Standard 22.2mm Hinge Clamp is for all styles of brakes (as it is a separate clamp) and/or if you want more adjustability, so if you do not see your brakes on the above list, this is the option you should opt for. 




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