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Not sure which lever, post, or general components is the best match for your ride? Check out our Components Compatibility section for a helpful guide to your upgrade dreams!


Which bike lights are compatible with my Range or Coast Stem mount?

Both the Range and Coast Stems have detachable mounts that use the same mount style as GoPro. Please check with your respective light manufacturer to see if your model of lights are compatible with a GoPro adapter to guarantee their compatibility wit

Which lever do I need?

Not certain which lever you need for you set up? That's okay! On our levers, we have our CX/drop bar lever, the Puget 1x or 2x MTB levers, our snazzy Loam lever, which we would definitely recommend if you have a 1x drivetrain (one chainring in front)

Which adapter do I need to order with my Loam lever?

Have your eyes on a snazzy Loam lever for your 1x set up? Excellent choice! To attach our Loam lever, we have the 22.2/standard clamp to mount on your handlebars separately (allowing the most adjustability) and stealth adapter options that integrate

Which saddle rails are compatible with my PNW dropper post?

Do you have a fancy saddle? The saddle clamps on our posts are a standard cradle shape, so they do best with round/standard saddle rails. That being said, they can be used with some oval rails and carbon rails, just reach out to our customer service

Can I run a seatpost shim with my PNW dropper post?

Need to suck up the diameter between your dropper and your frame? If you cannot get the correct size diameter post to go with your frame, you can run a seatpost diameter shim, found at the majority of bike shops and online dealers, to take up that sp

Can I convert my drop bar shifter to actuate my PNW dropper post?

Do you have a 1x gravel, road, or cross bike and want to convert the brifter to actuate your dropper? We're not saying it cannot be done, but unfortunately, we haven't perfected this yet. Check out our Drop Bar lever though, which you can run under y

How do I select the best post for my bike frame and height?

A properly sized dropper post can completely change your ride for the better. Obtaining optimal saddle height with the push of a lever  can help improve pedaling efficiency and make for easier climbs. At the same time, maximizing the travel of your d

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