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Which lever do I need?Updated a year ago

Not certain which lever you need for you set up? That's okay!

On our levers, we have our CX/drop bar lever, the Puget 1x or 2x MTB levers, our snazzy Loam lever, which we would definitely recommend if you have a 1x drivetrain (one chainring in front).

The Puget 1x lever and Loam lever are both best suited for a 1x system, and are a horizontal shifter style. These come with a 22.2mm clamp (or optional brake adapter for our Loam), and fit the majority of mountain bike handlebars.

The Loam lever also comes in multiple color options! 

1D0A8418-Edit.jpg Puget 1x Lever
Grey_Loam_Lever_Square.jpg Loam Lever 
The Puget 2x lever is vertical, and most commonly used for a 2x drivetrain system, as it doesn't interfere with the front shifter lever. Use this if you have more than one chain ring up front.
Cascadelever_fa750da6-8c63-412d-9a71-fb2f86da67bb_1024x1024.jpg Puget 2x Lever
Our CX lever is for drop or road handlebars. It has a slightly larger diameter (24mm), and no hinge, so it can be run under bar tape. 
1D0A8149-Edit.jpg CX Lever

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